Win 8000 Free MochiCoins from Gift Codes

2010-09-29 15:52:57 by TaykronGames

I have two Gift Codes of 4000 MochiCoins to donate.

I go to hide the two codes on my flash game site: , the first to find the codes and redeem it will win 4000 Mochicoins for each code.

With this i want to know how much people is interested on get Free MochiCoins, promote our flash game site, see if this contest generate some benefits in ADs and how much people follow the forums.

The contest will begin at any time in this week. You will know that the contest was started when see an image in the main page saying "Run for you Gift Code!".

About GiftCodes:
1- Gift Code Example: E8TU48X1
2- The GiftCode can appear as a text or as an image and can be placed anywhere at anytime :)

Note: If you find the code please advise in this post to remove them. ┬┐Or mochi sends a email saying "The code was used" or similar?

Good Luck!


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