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TaykronGames's News

Posted by TaykronGames - January 18th, 2012

Rules to participate:
http://www.arkatia.com/contest/digital -game/

Winners will be announced 28 of this month.

Posted by TaykronGames - November 19th, 2010

Hi, I'm uploading some of my free graphics to my free resource site:


I will upload more content constantly as backgrounds, textures, animations, sprites, gamepacks, etc...

For example you can download the "DDR Game Pack":

This is a game pack with all the graphics I made for a possible DDR game but finally was abandoned. You now can make it and put mochiads and all that you want or use these free graphics separatly in other things.

See the complete terms of use here: http://www.gfxplace.com/termsofuse

I hope you find all this graphics useful :) .

Posted by TaykronGames - September 29th, 2010

I have two Gift Codes of 4000 MochiCoins to donate.

I go to hide the two codes on my flash game site: http://www.coinsgames.com , the first to find the codes and redeem it will win 4000 Mochicoins for each code.

With this i want to know how much people is interested on get Free MochiCoins, promote our flash game site, see if this contest generate some benefits in ADs and how much people follow the forums.

The contest will begin at any time in this week. You will know that the contest was started when see an image in the main page saying "Run for you Gift Code!".

About GiftCodes:
1- Gift Code Example: E8TU48X1
2- The GiftCode can appear as a text or as an image and can be placed anywhere at anytime :)

Note: If you find the code please advise in this post to remove them. ┬┐Or mochi sends a email saying "The code was used" or similar?

Good Luck!

Posted by TaykronGames - June 8th, 2010


We added more games to the site and we include a great Prionce Of Persia flash game that simulate cannabalt with great GFX.


Enjoy It!

Prince Of Persia in Flash!

Posted by TaykronGames - June 6th, 2010

Now You can play Time Crisis 4 Online at CoinsGames.COM:

Time Crisis 4 At CoinsGames.COM

Enjoy It!

Posted by TaykronGames - June 6th, 2010

Play your best games now in Flash:


New Redesign.

Posted by TaykronGames - January 21st, 2010


After tried to create a flash game clone like DDR with 3 differents coders i'm tired(basically problems with the sync) and i want to finally sell all the GFX i made for this game.

You will can use the GFX all the time you want and make the game or games you want.

No requeriment or credit in the game you create but will be aprecited.

You can see the GFX and Quality here:
http://www.taykron.com/biglargegfx2i.j pg

14 organized folders
370 .Pngs with alpha
2.5mb of GFX compressed

I think this is great for somebody that have a similar game, basically with change GFX and the structure he have a musical game with polished GFX.


If you have any offer please send me a PM.

In case you have any question or comment post here or via PM.


Posted by TaykronGames - January 13th, 2010

We released Slide Colors for XBOX Indie Games.

You can download the demo or buy it for only 80MS Points here:
http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/game s/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258 5503fb/

/* */
Enjoy the Game!

P.D. Free tokens will be available soon! Stay Tuned!!

Posted by TaykronGames - January 7th, 2010

Posted by TaykronGames - December 18th, 2009

You can play Target Shooter at www.CoinsGames.com

A fun clone of Wiiplay Shooting game made in flash Features: -The game includes 4 phases: Balloons, Targets, Disk and Coins.

Shoot to all the targerts availables to get the best high score and Unlock all the levels.

Enjoy It!

Our new flash game called: Target Shooter